Sensitive Communication & Crisis Management

We support the management of private or public establishments in handling a proclaimed crisis or in being prepared for the eventuality of a crisis occurring. Our business aims to preserve the brand’s reputation and that of its leaders. Our corner stones are humility, pragmatism and empathy.

Our expertise is international: we operate worldwide for groups or their subsidiaries in both French and English.

With over 20 years experience in the Middle East and Africa, we have developed a shape-shift type of organism that has the capacity to respond effectively in a personalized approach to specific contexts. We prepare companies to deal with situations of decline and in communicating the risks both internally and externally in a safe and sophisticated environment.


Crisis and sensitive situations

If you’re faced with a crisis situation or an emergency, we will guide you by:
Assessing the severity of the situation, implementing the initial actions, optimizing the organization of the crisis, the strategy and the action plan, mapping stakeholders, defining a communication plan by writing the key messages and the Question & Answer, training your spokespersons and mobilizing your allies.

Crisis management Organization

How to back up an alert ? Who manages the crisis, the site or the office ? Who should be notified of the opening of a crisis cell ? What are the roles of the Crisis cell ? Who will be nominated for each role ? Who are the stakeholders in each situation and why should we talk to them ? How ? With what attitude ? What information do they need, what tools and media support ? We will guide you through the full elaboration of the crisis guide, the warning process and the reaction guide.

Crisis Management Training

We develop training methods for crisis management that are adapted to your specific process and that are based on our real life crisis management experiences. The theory is then put into practice during a SIMULATION EXERCISE in which all the stakeholders of the crisis will be represent and simulate. The unit will be put under pressure and an operational test will be made. This enables us to test the ability of response in a crisis situation.

Media Training

Our media training, individual or collective, is compliant to all types of spokesperson: general management, site management, on call managerial staff, communications managers, experts, etc. We advise on the form and content of message statements, especially in the non-verbal means of communication. We favour the acquisition of the on-camera practice method. Only with training and preparation can we reduce stress levels and attain the necessary reactions for when in contact with journalists.

Stakeholders Management

We advise you on your commitment strategy and dialogue concerning your external stakeholders and establish a trusting relationship that’ll improve the degree of tolerance with respect to your activities and in protecting its sustainability.

Restructuring and redundancy plans

Upstream closures, restructuring or redundancy plan announcements. We will analyse the risks, map the stakeholders, plan allied strategy,  build key messages and create the Questions & Answers document. We also support our customers by creating the best negotiation strategy with the unions and organize the security of the meetings.


Online reputation should not be overlooked. It is now crucial in the construction and destruction of the image of a brand, business or an individual.

Prevention of “bad buzz”:
– Build a stable and savvy web presence,
– Know its communities and influential parties,
– Train all staff on on-crisis prevention in case of attack.

Test your e-reputation

CEO & founder

Emmanuelle Hervé

Emmanuelle started her career in India and in the Middle and Near East as a qualified engineer. She joined the US chemicals group DuPont de Nemours for whom she developed the MENA market. Ten years ago she returned to France where she pursued a career in crisis management consulting.

  • Chairwoman of the AFNOR and the ISO Committees dedicated to the on-line reputation.
  • Active member of the safety committee of CIAN (French Council of Investors in Africa)
  • Field expert of UNIDO (United Nations Organization for Industrial Development)
  • Crisis communication expert BFMTV (Damage to reputation of brands and leaders)

Our team

Paul Delpuech

After an experience inside regional and national press with La Dépêche group and the NGO Peace and Sport in Monaco, Paul spent a year in England before joining us in October 2017.
Paul is graduated from IRIS SUP’ with a Defence, Security and Crisis Management master’s degree. He worked on cyber dissidence and the fight against terrorism in central Maghreb.
Passionated by Rugby, Paul followed a sport study program. He's also graduated from UBO with an Administration and Public Management master’s degree, and from EDJ Nice with a Journalism bachelor degree.

Benjamin Sylvand

Benjamin Sylvand is a specialist of the human factor in complex and critical situations. Benjamin Sylvand helps the organization to go through transformations and leadership crises, as well as social crisis.

As a negotiator, Benjamin Sylvand defines the mandates, maps the intentions and positions of the actors, develops strategies and leads RETEX.
As a facilitator, Benjamin Sylvand develops skills and optimizes individual and collective behaviors using deframing and emotional anchoring with the help of simulation and role plays.
Benjamin Sylvand holds a doctorate in cognitive science philosophy, a master's degree in communication and is certified ``expert`` in complex negotiations. He is teaching at La Sorbonne, EHESS, ENS, Sciences Po and Oxford, directed digital education programs at Sciences Po Paris and was L&D Director at Castorama France.

Associate experts

Gestion de crise

Florence Percie du Sert

Florence is Doctor in Pharmacy and holds an MBA. She worked for 25 years in the healthcare industry in major international companies (Pierre Fabre, Revlon, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lilly, Pfizer). After 13 years in marketing positions, she held communications management positions, the last one as a Communications Director for Pfizer in France.
Her experience in crisis management covers a wide scope: nutrition/babyfood, shortages of medically necessary drugs, reputation topics (social networks, politics), misuse or serious side effects of medicines, company restructuring / sale of production site. She contributed to establishing several crisis management procedures in pharma, conducted training for managers and leading teams with simulations of situations; she is skilled in aswering media in sensitive situations. Florence trains students on crisis management at the Master in Health Communication from IAE Sorbonne and is a regular speaker in conferences on this topic.

Gestion de crise

Hubert Landier

Has a PhD in economics, is graduate degree in political science and a graduate of the EPHE. Hubert Landier is recognized as an expert in the area of human resource management and in social relationships in business; He’s the Vice President of the International Institute of Social Audit, associate professor in the IGS Group, Scientific Advisor at Futuribles International and distinguished professor at the Academy of Labour and Social Affairs of the Russian Federation. He is an expert in Social audits and in analysis of social climate, mediation and conflict resolution, participation in the design and implementation of comprehensive policies of social relations, social Crisis, PSE and site closure.
His latest publication: Dialogue social, une urgence pour l’entreprise 2015 by L'Harmattan, 2015.

Gestion de crise

François-Xavier Bourreau

He is the Director and chief operator creating video clips, short films and corporate videos. François-Xavier intervenes within the framework of our crisis media -training sector. Thus creating an accurate and immersive environment with the latest existing technology. He also collaborates in the creation of the custom case study and in our tutorial videos. François-Xavier began his career in Television working for ARTE, TF1 and Auditoire. He later applied his craft into making video clips for Universal, EMI, The Blogothèque & Stink. He frequently makes corporate films for various clients such as Philips, SNCF, Auriège, Hennessy & TF1 games.

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