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Intervention situations

EH&A consultants can intervene at the first signs of a crisis in your organization, whatever its nature.

Legal crisis

Legal crisis

With the opening of an investigation, trial or indictment, EH&A can support managers right from the beginning of a crisis, providing experienced consultants and trained lawyers. Our consultants and expert partners provide invaluable council in matters of PR Litigation.

The crisis do not spare the regulated professions. In order to serve them, we have partnered with Eliott&Markus and WeLawCare.

Our media-training courses allow your spokespersons to prepare in authentic situations. Our active pedagogy is based on guided exercises, simulations and large-scale exercises. This recognized and pragmatic approach allows your crisis unit to develop the right reflexes in a stressful situation. A true exercise in collective intelligence, the feedback (Retex) process then aims to make your organization more resilient for the future.